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Disclaimer (Please Read)

Who is WCSYA?

The West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance is a not-for-profit youth organized society built to increase awareness and understanding of the Sikh faith, and increase tolerance and knowledge among young people.

WCSYA holds yearly camps in quiet wilderness settings, for young people aged 10 to 25, in which the lifestyle of a Sikh is not only taught, but practised for a one-week time period. In addition, the WCSYA publishes an annual resource book / magazine (click here to view), which features information and opinions on issues that concern Sikh youth. The WCSYA was incorporated under the BC Societies Act in November, 1994.

At the Service of the Sangat

The WCSYA Directors are those who take on the responsibility of organizing, coordinating, and planning each year's camp, and arranging for funding and other important necessities. These young people have volunteered with WCSYA extensively in the past, and have helped it flourish into the largest non-profit Sikh youth group in British Columbia, Canada. Please feel free to e-mail them at info@wcsya.org with your comments, questions and suggestions.

WCSYA could not have been such a success without the hardwork, dedication and commitment of the founders, volunteers and past directors.


Summer Camp  
Every year, counsellors and campers come to the West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance summer camp unaware of the friendships and life changes that will develop from here. Within the first two days of camp, every camper and counsellor will have new friends, new knowledge and a new appreciation for the Sikh faith.

Counsellors work throughout the camp, cleaning, teaching, answering questions and being virtual super-people, so that the campers can enjoy themselves and have a valuable learning experience. The WCSYA Execs try to keep track of all campers and counsellors at every years camp, so that they may be contacted for future events and news.


Community Events & Service  
West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance hopes to actively participate in the local BC community in order to improve the way of life of youth and their families. Our members are actively involved in organizations such as UBC Sikh Students Association, SFU Sikh Students Association, VIRSA Sikh Alliance against Youth Violence, Guru Nanak Academy, and many other sangats and groups throughout BC.

Furthermore, we hope to expand eventually throughout Canada and USA in order to better serve the needs of the sangat. We request and encourage the sangat to support our endeavours by generously donating to WCSYA so that we can strengthen our community service.

If you need assistance for organizing your local event or family keertan or if you need any type of seva please contact us at info@wcsya.org with detailed information about your event (within BC please) and we will do our best to help.


Our Website

Hopefully you are enjoying our new website. The website is developed by volunteers of WCSYA and, as servants of the Guru, we humbly ask your apologies for any mistakes on our part in the development of this site. Please give us your feedback and suggestions so that we can better serve our youth, by contacting us at info@wcsya.org. We hope that this website proves a valuable resource for you and all of the young people in your community.


Our Mission:

We need our own campsite!


More Information:
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WCSYA was created with the hopes of setting up a valuable learning and experiencing outlet for young people. The most effective manner in which we can maintain this goal is by holding our annual camps.

However, we would like to be able to hold more camps, for more young people in order to provide each young Sikh with the resources necessary to start on a new path of learning after attending camp.

We could do this only by having our own camp site, which we could rent out during the year and raise funds to provide for our annual camps. In order to this, however, we will need the financial support of the community. Please help us in our mission to provide young Sikhs with a center of learning and a valuable lifetime experience.