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Camp 2004
Pictures, Audio, Video & Documents - Coming Soon!
More info:info@wcsya.org
Want to learn about camp or promote camp to your community? Please download and print our new 2004 Camp pamphlet! CLICK HERE FOR THE CAMP PAMPHLET

WCSYA's On-going Penny Drive
Throughout the year we will be collecting pennies to fundraise for the resources we need to make Camp 2005 an outstanding success. Click here for the flyer! Please Contact Us to offer your support.

WCSYA Events
Pictures, Audio, Video & Documents from Camp 2004 will be up soon.
Pictures from the July 18 car wash are up here.
Pictures from the March 12 Keertan are up here.
Click here for pics from our January keertan (February pics are not available).

Resource Magazine
WCSYA provides campers each year with a resource magazine full of insightful and inspiring articles and stories related to Sikhi. If you would like to help us with this effort, please Contact Us.

WCSYA Keertan CD
Recently sevadaars of WCSYA went to record a CD of keertan including some Gurbani shabads we regularly sing at camp. The CD, which was given to WCSYA campers this year, will be uploaded online soon. This CD is dedicated in the memory of Rena Kaur, a devoted Gursikh and WCSYA camper, who passed away May 8, 2004. For more info please Contact Us.

FATEH! The Passion for Victory.

Celebrating 400 Years

Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

It has been ten years since the West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance started from a meeting in a Surrey basement.   Since 1994 we have grown from an idea to the largest Sikh Youth organization in British Columbia.  The West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance was established to provide a venue in which youth could teach youth.  So far, we have been successful in maintaining this vision with our annual summer camps.  Our Sikh community needs to focus on the youth because, within them, are the leaders of tomorrow.

        Many people are surprised to learn that of the 10 Sikh Gurus or "Enlighteners" from Nanak through Gobind Singh, six of them acheived Gurgadhi or "seat of the Guru" while under the age of 18. The power of young Sikhs is unbelievable and should be more often recognized in our societies!

The West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance is committed to working together with all communities to ensure that our future generations have access to Gurmukhi, Gurmat, and Gurbani lessons and everything else that the beautiful universal faith of Sikhi has to offer.

We are always working on new projects and ideas, such as this website, and we ask for your support to help us realize our dreams of being an outlet of knowledge, experience, and positive change in young Sikhs.

Looking into the future, we are in the process of fundraising to buy our own campsite.  The West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance has spent over $50, 000 on campsite rentals over the past seven years.  This money could have been used for our own campsite but, because of the lack of overall funding, this was not possible.  The Sikh community needs its own campsite where annual youth camps and other events can take place and where Sikh Maryada can be taught.  As a community, we need to rally together to raise the funds required to build our children's future.  To date, we have been successful in raising $25, 000 but we need at least $70, 000 for a down payment.  Please help us reach this goal by offering your help.








Camp 2003 Pictures Coming Soon


In August 2004,
we held our Tenth Annual West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance Summer Camp.  Our camp was held in the Oyama Valley near Kelowna, BC at Camp Hativkah.

Pictures Coming Soon!

The campsite provided an excellent setting for learning the Sikh way of life. Campers enjoyed swimming, tubing and boating in addition to amazing world-class gatka, yoga, self-defence and self-awareness training from sevadaars of the Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara of England.  Camp 2003 Pictures coming soon