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  We hope to provide Sikh youth with a comprehensive library of information whereby we can direct them to the proper sources of information. These days there are many sources of propaganda and miseducation on the internet and in the media. Therefore, we hope to help our youth avoid becoming lost and give them a foundation to be well-read, well-informed and confident.
This is a mailing list of the Sikh Youth of BC from all groups, jathas, organizations, alliances, associations, etc. This mailing list will be used to send one monthly events and news e-mailing about the Sikh Youth of BC. the Sikh Youth of BC is a united effort of all BC groups to organize events such as soup kitchens and sports games together. Please encourage your friends to join the list by e-mailing bcsikhyouth-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. For more info, visit BCSikhYouth.com or e-mail sikhyouth@shaw.ca.

WCSYA Sikh Youth Summer Camp 2004 - 10th Anniversary CD:

Yes, it's here! The WCSYA 10th Anniversary CD is now online. Click the links below to listen to the tracks. The tracks do not appear in this order in the actual CD. For a copy of the actual CD, please contact us.

MORE Resources for Young People:

Sikh History:
Featured information on Sikh history and Historial Sikh gurdwaras from Sikh-History.com and The Sikhi Library at SimplySikhi.com.

Quiz Game (Click Here)

Inspired by the hugely successful gameshow "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," this internet game show tests your knowledge of Sikhi. A great resource for anybody wanting to learn more about Sikhi and have some fun!

Operation Bluestar:
Featured information on Operation Bluestar from SaintSoldiers.net.

An alphabetically organized glossary of terms relating to Sikhi.

Further Reading:
A comprehensive list of great books for youth.