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Welcome to the WCSYA Links Section !

We are currently compiling links daily, to better serve the Guru's Sangat and provide links to reliable, unbiased information on Sikhi and issues that concern Sikh Youth.

In the past we have tried to list all websites related to Sikhi, however we are now focused on giving you a list of the best resources - the cream of the crop - which reflect Gurmat on the web

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of hundreds of Sikhi links from around the world, please visit Waheguroo! Sikh Website Search. If you would like to have your link displayed in our links section, please e-mail us at info@wcsya.org.

Current List of Links:

Sikhi to the Max
Gurbani interpretation in English, Bhai Gurdas Jee's vaars, rehitnamas, games and more.

Guru Granth Darpan
An ang-by-ang Punjabi interpretation of the Guru Granth Sahib

English Katha
A collection of English katha audio from England (courtesy Sikhwomen.com)

The Society of Saints
A website fully dedicated to the lives and lessons of great Gursikhs.

Gurdwara Tapoban Sahib
A gurmat message board, Sikh history, keertan, inspirational stories and more.

Gurmat Studies Foundation
A gurmat message board, English katha, various Sikhi resources and info about the Foundation's programs.

Guru Nanak Academy
Information about the Academy's classes, gatka akhara, events and more.

Reflections on Gurbani
A wide variety of excellent gurmat vichar articles in English, as well as keertan.

A short-term and long-term schedule of weekly keertan programs by a local sangat in BC.

The Keertan Network
A comprehensive website full of keertan, gurbani ucharan, simran audio, smagam posters and more.

Check out more resources and links in the "library" section