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By the grace of the Guru, we have been blessed with the opportunity to create some Gurbanee interpretation pages for you, so that you may study and contemplate the beautiful teachings. In this new section, you can presently view:

- The Song of Praises (The Sacred Keertan, Sohila),

- The Song of Bliss (The Sacred Anand Sahib), and

- The Prayer for Peace of Mind (The Sacred Sukhmani Sahib).

We hope to add Praises of the Timeless One (The Sacred Akal Ustat), and other banees in the near future. Please let us know what you think by e-mailing us at wcsya@wcsya.org.


The WCSYA Resource Magazine was a project that started in the summer of 2000 and is organized every year by volunteers. The magazine includes poems, articles and stories all about different aspects of Sikhi, as well as highlights from West Coast camp and other events throughout the year. Many businesses support the magazine through advertisements and donations, and these help us to fund the printing. We mail these magazines to people from all over the world, and we distribute it to people in the Vaisakhi celebrations in British Columbia, Canada ever year in April. Please support the magazine by mailing us your donations, or to advertise your product or service in this great publication, e-mail us at wcsya@wcsya.org.

vidhiaa veechaaree thaa(n) paroupakaaree ||

Contemplate and reflect upon knowledge, and you will become a benefactor to many others.

-356, Sri Guru Granth Sahib

        Resource Book 2003-2004

The WCSYA Resource Book 2003-2004 was exclusively released to West Coast campers and counselors at the 9th Annual Camp in Nanaimo, BC. Anybody interested in receiving a copy of this knowledge-packed resource book may contact Sundeep Kaur at skdhaliwal@yaletownlaw.com. Campers and counselors also received a copy of the first issue of Ik Onkar, the first international Sikh youth magazine. You may order this magazine by visiting www.sikhyouth.com.

Magazine 2002-2003

The WCSYA Magazine 2002-2003 was exclusively released to West Coast Campers and Counselors at the 8th Annual Camp in Kelowna, BC. Anybody interested in receiving a copy of this knowledge-packed resource book may contact Sundeep Kaur at skdhaliwal@yaletownlaw.com.

Magazine 2001-2002

The 2001-2002 Resource Magazine is ready for distribution and is available through the volunteers of West Coast! For a copy please e-mail us at wcsya@wcsya.org or purchase the Special Edition West Coast CD! by contacting muntejsingh@hotmail.com.

Magazine 2000-2001

Our first Resource Magazine is available for your learning and reading pleasures in Adobe Acrobat format, in a PDF File! These files will be available for download asap! Please visit this page again for updates!


Support the Youth by Donating!

The best way to support your community is by supporting the youth; and all the proceeds from this magazine will help to make better camps, better resource magazines, better information CD's and a better website for the youth so that Sikhi can flourish. The donation details are available through kulpreet singh, so please contact him at kulpreetsingh@shaw.ca and he will get back to you ASAP!  

Thank you very much for your support!